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In Loving Memory of Bishop Lethenial McClam

Bishop Lethanial McClam

Bishop Lethanial McClam is the founding Pastor of Union Disciple Free Will Baptist Church. He had a passion for helping people find life at its best -- which is found in knowing and following Christ. He loved to see people experience Jesus firsthand, grow to love Him, and become strong disciples.

​On September 27, 1974, Bishop Lethenial McClam preached his first sermon at Corinth Temple.  The subject was "God is Able" from Daniel 3:16.  He served as a faithful member there for many years.  He became President of the District Union #4 were he was called to Pastor.  On June 11, 1978, Union Disciple Free Will Baptist Church opened its doors and on December 12, 1980, he was ordained Bishop under the leadership of the late General Bishop Caldwell Thomas.  

Bishop McClam served as the pastor of Union Disciple for 38 years and was instrumental in the growth of the church.  He will be dearly missed by all.   Yet thanks to his great leadership, teachings, and guidance Union Disciple has been blessed with two young Pastors who have been equipped to carry on the Church’s legacy. 

Meet The Pastors

Pastor Darrell L. McClam

In April 2009 Minister Darrell L. McClam and Minister Darnell A. McClam preached their installation sermon and from that day forward, they have been delivering messages of truth and freedom that cut to the heart of even the deepest issues. 


They are known at Union Disciple for their practical and dynamic teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives.

Our Pastors are passionate about people coming to know Christ, getting planted in God’s house, and becoming members who work together to build a God-first culture.

Pastor Darnell A. McClam

Meet The Team

Deacon OJ Hunter

Deacon Eddie Hopkins

Trustee Jacob Hammond

Trustee Donald Suggs

Sister Rachel Adams Church Coordinator

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